Italian Pronouns


Definition: Pronoun is the part of speech that substitutes for nouns and designated persons. In other words, pronouns allow us to point to in mention someone or something without naming them directly.

Personal Pronouns: The personal pronouns are special words that replace persons, things or animals. The following is a list with all subject personal pronouns.


Subject Personal Pronouns
Singular Plural
Italian English Italian English
Io I Noi We
tu You voi you
egli He Voi You
esso It essi They
lui He esse They
ella She loro They
essa It Loro you
lei She    
Lei You    
Ella you    

Note: In many languages such as English, German and French it is mandatory the mention of the subject of the verb. However in Italian language it can be omitted, for example:

  • Piove --> it is rain, in this case we can omit the pronoun it and the sentence does not change its meaning.

Object pronouns: We can divide object pronouns into:

  • Direct: mi -->me,ti --> you, lo --> you, lo --> him/it, la/La --> her/it/you, si --> himself, herself, itself, theirselves, ci --> us, vi/Vi --> you, li/le --> them.

  • Indirec: mi --> to me, ti --> to you, gli --> to him/it, le/Le --> to her/it/you, si --> to himself, herself, itself, theirselves, ci --> to us, vi/Vi --> to you, loro/gli --> to them

  • Prepositional: me --> me, te --> you, lui/egli --> him, esso --> it, lei/ella --> her, Lei/Ella --> it, essa --> it, se --> himself, herself, itself, theirselves, noi --> us, voi/Voi --> you, loro/essi/ese --> them

Possessive Pronouns:

Possessive Pronouns
Singular Plural
Italian English Italian English
Mia Mio Mie Miei
Tua Tuo Tue Tuoi
Sua Suo Sue Suoi
Nostra Nostro Nostre Nostri
Vostra vostro Vostre Vostri
loro loro Loro loro

Remember:Possessive articles must agree must agree with gender and number of the noun
Relative Pronouns:

  • Che ---> Which/who/that.
  • Il quale (Masc. Sing)/la quale (Fem. Sing.)/i quali (Masc. Plu)/le quali (Fem. Plu) ---> ”quale” is like the previous one, indicating also gender and number.
  • Cui ---> Cui introduces indirect objects.
  • Chiunque, quanto, ciò, coloro… ---> These pronouns are used to purpose of a noun.

Demonstrative Pronouns:

Demonstrative Pronouns (questo --> This, these/quello --> that, those)
Singular Plural
Italian English Italian English
questa questo queste questi
quella quello quelle quelli

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