Italian Indefinite Article


Definition: The indefinite article indicates that its noun is not a particular one (or ones) identifiable to the listener. In other words indefinite articles are those that allow one designate nonspecific persons or objects.

The following table shows the rules to use the indefinite articles:

Before masculine Nouns
Beginning with any other sound un
Beginning with z or s + consonant uno
Before feminine Nouns
Beginning with any vowel un’
Beginning with any consonant una


  • Uno zaino --> A schoolbag
  • Una gnomo --> A gnome
  • Uno yagurt --> A yogurt
  • Una strega --> A witch
  • Una gatta --> A cat (Feminine)
  • Una Pizza --> A pizza
  • Un’amica --> The friend (Fem. Singular)
  • Un’informazione --> The information (Fem. Singular)

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