Greek nouns

Grammar take Greek nouns as substantives, they server to name people, animals, plants, places, emotions, and objects in general. They have three main characteristics: number, case, and gender. Greek nouns are quite different from English nouns, they change according the relationships with other words.

The steam of the noun keeps the basic meaning of it, and a suffix is often added to signal its function in the sentence or clause. Due to declensions, the ending of nouns changes to indicate the number, gender, and case.


  • This cat is mischievous.
  • Αυτή η γάτα είναι άτακτος.

  • I want to smell a rose.
  • Θέλω να μυρίσει ένα τριαντάφυλλο.

  • Peter is my friend.
  • Ο Πέτρος είναι φίλος μου.

  • Your family will travel to Paris this year.
  • Η οικογένειά σας θα μεταβεί στο Παρίσι φέτος.

  • Love is something magical.
  • Η αγάπη είναι κάτι μαγικό.

  • He must paint this table.
  • Πρέπει να ζωγραφίσει τον πίνακα.

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