Greek articles

This language has no Greek articles in the same way as English; however there is a grammatical category that receives this denomination. Greeks give the name of articles to the two simplest sings of a substantive, which have mutual reference to each other in two connected clauses of a complete sentence. Modern grammar the first one is known as definite article, the; and the second one as relative pronoun, what, who, which.


  • The new car of your brother is very fast.
  • Το νέο αυτοκίνητο του αδερφού σου είναι πολύ γρήγορη.

  • Who likes this cat?
  • Ποιος αρέσει αυτή η γάτα;

  • This is which pen a like.
  • Αυτό είναι που ήθελα ένα στυλό.

  • The reason what pen is blue.
  • Ο λόγος για αυτό είναι μπλε στυλό.

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