Greek adjectives

Definition:  Greek Adjectives are words which denote a property, characteristic or quality associated with a specific noun or noun phrase.  Adjectives have case, number, and gender, and will always have the same case, number, and gender as the noun they modify.

  • An adjective is a word which describes a property supposed to belong already to the object spoken of (as, " a blue sky"), or distinctly assert such property to belong to the object (as, " the sky is blue ").


    • An old car
    • Ένα παλιό αυτοκίνητο

    • A high tree
    • Ένα υψηλό δέντρο

    • The blue-eyed man
    • Η γαλανομάτα άνθρωπος

    • The soft skin
    • Η απαλή δέρμα

  • Adjectives usually have separate forms for feminine, masculine, and neuter genders. Some adjectives have only a basic form and are indeclinable.


    • A delicious dessert
    • Ένα νόστιμο επιδόρπιο

    • A wonderful day
    • Μια υπέροχη μέρα

    • The little cat
    • Η μικρή γάτα

    • The beautiful girl
    • Η όμορφη κοπέλα

  • Greek adjectives follow a somewhat similar pattern of declensions. Many belong to the first (feminine) and second (masculine and neuter) declensions in the same manner that Latin adjectives do.

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