English Tools

An outstanding tool you should to try out is www.freetypingtest.org: designed to accurately measure and assess your typing speed and skill level. We recommend you type in English to memorize how to write new words and the grammar of the language you are learning.

Internet definitely has influenced people’s life, and also the way people learn. The English learning is not an exception; it has also received much influence of Internet, undoubtedly a great one! Learning English was never so easy before the appearance of Internet, but how is that?  It is thanks to the English language tools that we have available today.  Such tools allow us to learn vocabulary and grammar, and also practice our speaking and listening.  So, let’s talk about some of them:


English Dictionary Online

How many times have you need to know the meaning of a word really quickly? Then, the use of a dictionary can help you to know it, so having an English dictionary online is really amazing, you can know the meaning of words in a very short time. You can find a lot of English dictionaries online that include examples in order you understand better in what contexts you can use such words. Some of them are: Cambridge dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, Wordreference, among others.



English Grammar Checker

If you usually write in English and want to do it correctly without any mistakes, then an English Grammar checker is the tool you can use. This tool will proofread the content you write in a short time. Some of the mistakes it corrects are related to subjects such as verb agreement, singular/plural nouns, spelling, and much more. So, for instance sentences like “Susan speak English very well”, will be corrected as “Susan speaks English very well”. Some grammar checkers are English Spell Check, SpellChecker, IeSpell.com, etc.



English translator

More than one time, you meet with phrases and words in English that you don’t understand. Sometimes can be urgent you know the meaning of these phrases and words, so here is when an English translator can be a good help for you. It is true that they can’t give you the exact meaning in your language, but at least it will give you a better idea of what the phrase or word is about. If you need to understand a long text, then translating can help you to have a global idea. There are many English translators nowadays. Some of them are the translator of Google, Translate, Babylon, etc.


There are many English tools on Internet today that can help you to learn and use English. So, don’t wait more time and use them!