How to Speak English

Would you like to speak excellent English?, If so, bearing in mind the rules we describe here, will help you to achieve this goal. If you have studied many years the English language, but surprisingly you can’t speak it quickly and easily, maybe you have been doing the incorrect things. If you want to speak English more than writing in this language, then apply the below rules and learn how to speak English.


How to Speak English Fluently

  • Don’t study grammar rules. At least if your objective is becoming fluent in English. The time you learn grammar should be dedicated to other activities that help you to communicate in this language effectively.


  • Don’t learn words separately. It is better you try to remember phrases instead of individual words. If you find a new word whether you read or listen in English, write not only the word you learn, but the entire sentence. So, remember the phrase will be easier, because it will be related to a picture or story.


  • Listening is one of the most important things to do. Practice listening English as much as you can. Nowadays, there are many resources, so you have a lot of them to hear English. Just remember how you learned your language. You heard phrases and repeated them. Really?. You can start with easy English listening, such as children programs.


So, after putting in practice the previous rules described in this section “How to Speak English”, you will be ready to speak this language fluently.