Definition:Aspect in grammar is one of the forms of verb, where the meaning of the verb is noted in relation to time, indicating if the action has been completed, is being done, or is repeated with some degree of frequency.

Aspect is determined by these indications of time, even when the action was completed in the past, they determine if the action was a progressive one, if it was continuous or repetitive, or if it was completed but once in the past.

Aspects divide in:

  • Simple Aspect (Also known as Indefinite Aspect because there’s no sense of a completed on going action)
    • I work (Simple Present Tense)
    • I worked (Simple Past Tense)
    • I will work (Simple Future Tense)

  • Perfect Aspect (Also known as Complete Aspect because it gives a sense completeness on the action)
    • I have worked (Present Perfect Tense)
    • I had worked (Past Perfect Tense)
    • I will have worked (Future Perfect Tense)

  • Progressive Aspect (Continuing Aspect)
    • I am working (Present Progressive Tense)
    • I was working (Past Progressive Tense )
    • I will be working (Future Progressive Tense)

  • Perfect Progressive Aspect
    • I have been working (Present Perfect Progressive Tense)
    • I had been working (Past Perfect Progressive Tense)
    • I will have been working (Future Perfect Progressive Tense)

Aspect is a grammatical category that states the temporal flow or itsabsencefrom the point of view of the speakerof an action, event, or state.

Even though time and aspect both refer to a relative distribution of events, Time indicates the time in which an action takes place in relation to the current time (or another referred event), whereas Aspect refers to the inherent time of the action or the phase of development or modification of the action that stands out from the rest.

Aspect Past Present Future
Simple Aspect I walked I walk I will walk
Perfect Aspect I had walked I have walked I will have walked
Progressive Aspect I was walking I am walking I will be walking
Perfect Progressive Aspect I had been walking I have been walking I will have been walking

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