English Culture

The culture of a place is defined by its several different idiosyncratic manifestations, historical references, artistic and/or intellectual achievements, as well as by the norms and customs followed by its people.


The United Kingdom and The United States of America are the two main countries where English is spoken. Despite sharing the same language, though, these countries show more differences than similarities in their respective cultures.


To begin, in the United Kingdom, cars drive on the left, whereas in America, they take the right side. This means all road markings are opposite, as is the position of the steering wheel inside the car. Most vehicles in America are automatic, in contrast to the British preference for manual cars. Drive-through services such as fast food restaurants, liquor stores, pharmacies and even dry cleaners are much more popular in the US than they are in the UK.


The legal drinking age in The United States is 21 years old, while in The United Kingdom, it is 18. Alcohol consumption on a regular (and even daily) basis is much more common in Europe than it is in America, where it is generally not well regarded. In fact, going to pubs for lunch and/or beers during workdays is a common practice in the UK, one that is sometimes even encouraged by bosses in companies, in an attempt to have their employees socialize with each other and discuss work problems.


Americans tend to cook hamburgers and hotdogs on grills, whereas in the UK, such foods are reserved for fast food restaurants only. Usually, the meats they cook include steak, ribs, chicken, fish, lamb, or sausages; and they are often than not barbecued (not grilled).


While Americans tend to take coffee very seriously -and almost invariably have a coffee filter machine at home-, in the UK, instant coffee is more popular and not considered “inacceptable” as it is in the US. British people have the famous tradition of drinking tea (served hot, with milk and sugar) on a daily basis. Tea is drunk cold (with ice and sugar) in the United States.


Making variations or substituting items on the menu is a very common practice in the US, while in the UK, such request would be considered rude and most of often than not refused. Also, the British can spend a whole night in a restaurant, when they gather for dinner, whereas Americans eat, pay, and go in an average time of 45 minutes. It is to be noted that most restaurants in the US close around 10 pm, while in the UK, people can stay until very late at night (2 am is not an unusual time for guests to leave).


The British use meters, kilometers and kilograms as measures of unit, whereas feet, miles and pounds are used in the USA.


In general, it is said that people from the United States more open and outgoing than their European counterparts, who are described as rather reserved and civil. Violence rates are lower in the UK, and healthcare is a free right for everybody; education is also superior in Europe than it is in America (and often free or at least much less expensive). Both countries have good and bad things, and they both have wonderful cultures.

English Recipes

English Recipes

English cuisine has a variety of delicious dishes and you can enjoy with our library of English recipes offers highlights of the cuisine. Ingredients of English cuisine depends of their temperate climate.