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The importance of the Spanish language around the world

3 Dec, 2012


Spanish is a language that falls into the classification of the Romance languages. A mainstay in most high school language departments next to french, Spanish has been a fast growing language among the many populations of the world. This growth is reflected not only in the sheer number of people speaking the language, but also in the number of countries that are now using spanish as their primary language.

Why Is Spanish Important?

The growth and popularity of Spanish as a primary,or even secondary language, makes it of note to the major companies of the world. Their strategies for marketing and introducing products to the market will need individuals who are fluent and able to convey the company's message in Spanish. This also means that there will be an increased need for individuals to take employment opportunities where knowing and speaking Spanish fluently is a requirement. In turn, this will also mean that if an individual wants one of these jobs, they will need to learn spanish if they do not already know it, increasing the need for teachers of the Spanish language.

The Spanish speaking population can also affect the political arena. Many candidates have found the need to convey their speaches and messages into Spanish in order to gain votes and supporters. Politics and consumerism is not the only realms in which Spanish is important. As the population of Spanish speaking citizens increases, there is also the need to have schools, banks, and other services provided where there is spanish speaking employees.

Spanish As An Opportunity

Learning spanish can open a world of opportunities in your career and business. Although, this is not the only reason to learn, or at least know the basics of the Spanish language. We have spoken of how businesses are beginning to make the latino community their primary target. This also means that when we go to a store, many of the packages will be in Spanish. In order to ask for food off of a menu at a restaurant, one will also need a working knowledge of the Spanish language.

Socialization is another important facet to learning Spanish. We can enhance our personal relationships and meet new people when we have the working knowledge of a second language. This will then lead to the ability to expand our horizons through learning new cultures, having the ability to taste new foods, and get to know the customs and traditions of another sector of the population.

Spanish is spoken by millions worldwide. This does not mean that we have to rush out and learn the language. Although, it has been shown that children who study a second language tend to be more successful in their college careers. One can also attain a reater sense of accomplishment and self worth when they are able to learn and speak a second language with co-workers and friends. It also does not hurt the paycheck when one knows how to converse with others in Spanish.

The Spanish speaking population in the United States alone continues to rise exponentially every year. Soon Spanish will be infiltrated into even the smaller communities in the rural regions. The need to know and speak Spanish will continue to rise. The world population is also seeing this type of growth in their Latino communities. Spanish is quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception.Learning Spanish now will aid in securing employment and the ability to be competitive in t his growing population.

3 Dec, 2012