7 May, 2017 || Languages

Which language should I learn?

Learning a new language is a big step so making the right choice in selecting the appropriate language for you is a crucial part of the learning process. Even though learning any language is beneficial for anyone's life, prioritizing which language you want to learn is a very important fact to take into consideration. Which language should you choose? LINGUAGO has highlighted 5 important points to help you make your choice:

11 Jun, 2013 || Languages

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20 Feb, 2013 || Languages

Study German abroad

As the world goes global so is the standardization in the way most activities are carried out all around the world. These standards are observed in all fields such learning institutions, ways of conducting businesses, methods of production among others. It is important therefore to join a learning institution that observes these international standards.

14 Feb, 2013 || Languages

You will have more professional opportunities if you are fluent in Chinese!

As the business world changes so is the focus towards the leading countries in industrialization as well as production. This in return opens up job opportunities which demand for specific requirements for one to succeed. Learning the Chinese language for example is emerging to be one of the sought after languages across the world.

3 Dec, 2012 || Languages

The importance of the Spanish language around the world

Spanish is a language that falls into the classification of the Romance languages. A mainstay in most high school language departments next to french, Spanish has been a fast growing language among the many populations of the world. This growth is reflected not only in the sheer number of people speaking the language, but also in the number of countries that are now using spanish as their primary language.

2 Nov, 2012 || Languages

Learning German in Germany

Many people will argue that the best way to learn a foreign language is to spend an appreciable amount of time living in the country. Germany offers many possibilities for visitors to learn the German language while immersing themselves in the culture.