Study Russian in Moscow

9 Dec, 2012


Moscow is a complex destination because it mixes the classic sector of Russia and alternately the elegant, luxurious, technological sector of the country; if you wonder what you can do and see in Russia, we have a lot of suggestions so you can have an idea of what you’ll experience in your visit:

Visit some of the best shopping malls: GUM and TSUM located near the Red Square, those are places in which you cannot buy as much as you would like (due to the prices), but it’s a great place to enjoy walking through the capacious and stunning hallways.

The heart of Moscow, the Bulvar and the Pushkin Square, a peaceful place where you can see people feeding pigeons, reading papers, or at great restaurants to taste some of the regional cuisine.

Experience the Moscow clubs during an unforgettable nightlife; you’ll notice that most clubs are exclusive for few people including travelers

The Oxigen Lounge (O2 Lounge), it’s an important place in Russia where people go to feel important rich and sexy, as many other activities in Moscow, this visit might carry exorbitant prices, but it could worth it; because from this place you can get the most impressive views of Moscow.

Take a walk in the Gorky park, along the Moscow River and enjoy of simple activities such as walking, eating an ice cream, having a picnic, it’s a place where you can get some of the best views of the city also.

Moscow most important sights

Moscow is a great destination for all family, with magnificently spots that you can know by walking in the city through 15th- century cathedrals, art galleries, museums, and we cannot fail to mention the nightlife

  • Kremlin: It’s an important place in Moscow and Russian history, many famous and tragic events happened here.
  • Red Square: Previously known as the Trinity Square, it was named as the Red Square in 19th century and has an important significance for Russians.
  • St Basil’s Cathedral: It’s one of the most interesting buildings worldwide in its appearance because it seems to be a building from out of this world.
  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior: It’s located along the bank of the Moscow River, this building has an impressive architecture and design initially built to honor the Russian victory over Napoleon; today it features beautiful gardens and well maintained grounds.

Learning Russian in Moscow

There’s a proverb in Russia: "Better to see once than to hear a hundred times", a visit to Moscow, Russia, will help you to experience this proverb; as you life in this city, see the culture, customs, hear people talking in their own language and doing it every day, it will help you learn the Russian language easily.

Whether if you have a previous knowledge in Russian language, or if you haven’t studied Russian before, but you are fascinated by the culture, in Moscow you’ll find different programs that could serve as a great start or continuation of your language learning, such as those offered by Liden & Denz Russian Language School. Whether your purposes are academic, leisure or business, this is one of the best language schools that will help you familiarize to the Russian language and today’s Russia.

Liden & Denz Russian Language School is a private school dedicated to teach Russian to foreigners, they have different programs that include classes, materials, tests, certificates, the visa invitation letter (very important for this case), cultural activities, one-to-one courses that focuses in the needs of a particular student, and much more

We have summarized the information in order to help you find the best way to learn Russian, don’t forget to check for new information constantly (opportunities and procedures); learning Russian language in Russia is not only an experience you should not miss, but also it can become into a great reality.

9 Dec, 2012