Spain for the Spanish Speaker

11 Nov, 2013


You've spent endless hours rolling your r's so they sound as sexy and smooth as all of the Spaniards you soon hope to meet. Hours in the kitchen have prepared you with a light mastery of Paella, Pescado Frito, and Gazpacho, each of which you've read in Spanish as you downed a glass of rich red Spanish wine. As you practice your grammar and brush up on your articulation of words, you dream of days you'll spend in Barcelona, basking in the beauty of the beautiful coastal city. The days pass by, and you're starving for more. You don't want to dream of Barcelona; you want to be there, because you know that the best way to perfect your Spanish is to be in Spain. Words that you've never heard before will be heard, and your broken phrases will be put together perfectly. Be swept away in the magical city and let the suggestions below be your guide to a great vacation.


Arriving in Barcelona means you'll need a place to stay. The best types of accommodations are those that are in the heart of the city, surrounded by the best of what Barcelona has to offer. Clearly, spending your funds on an expensive hotel that you're barley going to be staying in would be a waste of money. You'll want to choose an affordable accommodation, such as a hostel. For more guidance, great options can be found on HostelBookers. The site is simple to use, there are no associated fees, and they're perfect for finding the right place to suit your needs.

See Some Gaudí

Image source La Pedrera: rafelmiro

La Pedrera is one of the most famous buildings in Barcelona. Frequented by tourists and residents alike, this modernist building built by architect Antonio Gaudí is an extraordinary sight to see. You'll be able to take a walk up to the top of the building, which will provide you with a view of the entire city. The building itself is the image of controversy and changing times, as this structure stands against the conservative nature of Spain during the early 1900's. Its opulence and grandeur are sure to fascinate you, as you walk through the building.

Park Güell
Pack yourself a picnic and trek your way towards one of the most lovely and largest parks in Europe. Not only can you spend a few hours beneath the sun with a delectable lunch and conversing with fellow park-goers, but you'll also be able to admire the park's many quirky architectural structures.


Image source: oh-barcelona

Bodies in bathing suites, chiringuitos (beach bars), and white sand brimming against the sprawling white Mediterranean sea… what could be better? Grab your beach essentials, and head to one of the most fantastic destinations in Barcelona. Spend your day soaking in the sun and practicing your Spanish with fellow beach bums at the many beach bars.

For this visiting in September, you've picked one of the most exciting times to try out Spain. Barcelona is brimming with local festivals during the first month of fall. Hopefully, you'll be able to keep up though, festivals usually last anywhere from a few days to weeks. Some of the most common festivals are Festival L'Hora del Jazz, Festival Asia, Festes de la Merce, Festas Major de la Barceloneta, and Mercat de Mercats. Don't forget to bring with you plenty of energy and anticipation, because you are bound to be amazed at how Spaniards party.

Food, anyone?
What is a trip to Barcelona without trying out the city's scrumptious eateries? A few of the most common and cost effective eateries that are rated well are: The Mingus (at the Gothic Quarter), Mandarina, and Quimet i Quimet.

Visiting Barcelona, Spain is bound to take your breath away. The beauty of the city, delicious seafood cuisine, and lively atmosphere is unparalleled to many other European cities. You'll leave the city with greater Spanish skills, an unforgettable experience, and memories that are bound to stay with you forever.

11 Nov, 2013