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28 Nov, 2012 || Destinations

Visit the United States and learn English abroad!

English is the most important language for business, education and everything in the modern world due to the globalization, we know that it’s spoken in many countries and most universities and educational centers take this language as an obligatory subject and in some of them it’s an important criteria at the moment of evaluation for a job or a new career. Learn English abroad As with any other language, the proper way to learn it is by living the necessary time in the country of the original language in order to get the right accent, correct spell, and fluency, those are things that a common English learning online course won’t give you . However, it’s not only about traveling to the country but it’s also important to find the right institution that could have a method to learn English easily and provide all tools to learn to write and speak English correctly. It’s important to learn English abroad so you can get used to the original language, the native pronunciation, useful expressions and those things that only one can learn with so much practice.

19 Nov, 2012 || Destinations

Arabic immersion courses in Cairo

Learning a new language can be both exciting and a new experience for many people. It is a method to broaden new opportunities and to meet many new people. One great language that people can begin to learn is Arabic. Arabic is a beautiful language, and the calligraphy is amazing. One country that uses Arabic in its daily life is Egypt. Egypt is one of those countries around the world that offers rich ancient history. Even though it has this, modern day Egypt is just as exciting and offers many things to see and do. There are many places to travel to in order to learn a new language, but Egypt is great for Arabic. Cairo When thinking about traveling to Egypt, there are a lot of places that one can go to. Cairo is one of the most vibrant centers of culture and language in the country, and also happens to be the capital. Cairo offers things that no other city offers. For instance, it has the famous Pyramids of Giza right in its backyard. The tourism locations are endless and since Cairo is the largest city in all of Africa, it gives greater opportunities to meet many new people. The civilization of Cairo been present in this area so long, it's one of the oldest in the world. Cairo is an exciting place to visit, but also offers great opportunity for those who want to learn a new language.

13 Nov, 2012 || Destinations

The Seven Wonders in a Wonderful World

Since the dawn of time, humans have compiled lists of what they feel are the 7 wonders of the world. There have been arguments on what places should be on these lists. In 2001, a foundation was established called New 7 Wonders Foundation. This private organization is investing in preserving monuments and saving all the wonders of the world from deterioration and destruction. You are probably wondering what the new 7 wonders of the world are. Let's take a look at the previous holders of this prestigious title first.

15 Oct, 2012 || Destinations

Thinking about learning Spanish abroad?

Learning Spanish abroad can be an amazing and exciting experience. There are many reasons why to embark towards this goal. Among the many reasons that you may choose a destination abroad to learn Spanish can be for the experience to be around and immerse yourself with the culture and people. After you have chosen a destination to learn Spanish, other specific reasons and facts are taken into consideration. Specific facts such as, how will the location that you have chosen benefit you the most and what goals do you plan to achieve during your stay can affect your learning experience.