One of the top destinations of English students: Malta

18 Dec, 2012


Malta is a great destination for people that love to relax and enjoy of nature, but it also offers many opportunities for people trying to learn English.

When one is thinking in traveling to another country to learn a new language or to improve one’s language skills, it’s important to have a carefully selection on which place on earth visit; as English is a global language, you’ll see that English language schools, courses and programs are available around the globe, but in this article we suggest you to find a language school in Malta. If you wonder why Malta and why not in the United States, read carefully because we have pretty good reasons:

Learning English in Malta

If you’re from Europe and you won’t like the idea of crossing the ocean for an English course, Malta is a great destination; located in the centre of the Mediterranean and with sun almost every day of the year it’s the ideal place to learn a new language with no pressure but with limitless options for entertainment and fun, that’s why taking English courses in Malta is a good idea.

According to Malta history, it was under British rule over 160 years, so it’s logic that English language is widely spoken (English is an official language of the Republic of Malta and its principal language of instruction), not only in the language school but also in every corner of this destination, that’s why many students visit Malta to practice and improve their English.

Silema, located in the northeastern coast of Malta is a tourism center and one of the best places in Malta to learn English, because you will find several opportunities for practicing it through cultural programs that include sporting and leisure activities. Gozo is a similar island preferred by visitors.

Remember that Malta is member of the European Union (EU), so if you’re from an EU city, you’re entitled to travel freely around this destination, it means that no special formalities are required.


Malta is an island country located 95 kilometers south of Sicily and 290 kilometers from the African coast and it’s composed by three islands; Malta is easy to access from most European cities including Rome, Paris, London, Amsterdam, and more. The Republic of Malta is young, its independence was the 21th September of 1964 and it gained the European Union membership in 2004.

Malta weather is influenced by the Mediterranean sea, and enjoys of warm dry summers and mild winters (August is the hottest month of the year).

Malta most important sights

Malta is perfect for water sports and beach activities due to the great weather that one can enjoy almost all year, activities such as walking along the coast, sailing, and diving especially because the visibility of water is high close to the shore.

Due to the great number of young people that visit and life in Malta, you’ll see that there are many festivals and celebrations along the year, such as: The Malta Mediterranean Folk Music Festival, it’s celebrated in June and lasts 3-days; the Malta Jazz Festival that is held in July and attracts popular international jazz stars; Malta Arts Festival held in July also with quality performances and workshops; the Isle of MTV Malta Special held annually as the largest air free concert in Europe; and much more.

Blue Grotto gives visitors an incredible experience; it’s the most famous cave in Malta and features a magnificent show with dazzling colors ranging from turquoise to deep blue.

Sandy beaches are great places to relax on holidays and vacation, Golden Bay is one of the most visited beaches with many activities such as riding horses, among other water activities for adults and families.

If you like to be in contact with nature and have some adventure for your trip, Gozo is a great destination, it offers several opportunities for walkers, mountain bikers, climbers, trekkers and fauna and flora lovers.

18 Dec, 2012