Munich: German culture and modernity

29 Jan, 2013


The city of Munich can be found at the southern part of Germany and this place can offer a lot of great things to traveler from different parts of the world. This place is definitely a must see place if you happen to be in Europe. You will find mixture of both modernity as well as history once you set foot in this gorgeous piece of land. There are old buildings that sit besides modern skyscrapers, restaurants and cafes that contribute to the overall feeling of the Munich culture.

First Stop

The first place that you need to explore once you are in Munch is Marienplatz situated at the heart of the city. This place will make it very easy for you to find other great places to visit in this city. All important places to visit are easily within reach from this part of Germany. From this point, you will find lots of restaurants, museums, cafes and other entertainment places. You must visit Mariensaule and this place is filled with large columns where you can find Virgin Mary. This place will impress you with its amazing sights and sounds from 43 bells. This is an opportunity for student to discover German courses in Munich and its rich culture. This is a great place for people who want to learn more about the rich culture of Germany. Munich is a great place for exploration especially for students.

Second Stop

After that, you can go to Frauenkirche. Within this place you will find the Munich's Church of our Lady and this is known as one of the must see places in Munich. This old church was built from 1468 to 1488. It was almost destroyed during the World War II. The beauty and history of this church was restored right after the war during 1953. The main feature of this structure is its 1065 feet red bricks towers. Once you are up there, then you will find an amazing view of the entire city of Munich.


You will also love the fact that this city is famous for many museums where you can find wide variety of exhibits. This is great for student taking up German courses in Munich. This is where you can find the largest science museum in the world and it is called Deutsches Museum. You will find 8 story buildings where you can view different exhibits like space probes, windmills and many more. If you want to explore everything around this museum, then you need to spend few days, but there are organized tours that can direct you to its main highlights. This is a great place for children, because there are interactive displays that can provide active fun and learning.


Other famous places to visit are local breweries, especially during the popular Oktoberfest, which is known as beer festival. This festival happens every year and it can attract lots of visitors from different parts of the world to visit this place in Germany for the yearly beer festival. This festival is also the time when culinary specialties are being presented. You will find sausages and baked pretzels that will blend to the taste of Bavarian beer. You will surely gain a lot of memorable experience, especially if you are here to look for German courses in Munich. You can take advantage of this opportunity to explore Munich in Germany.

29 Jan, 2013