Discover Tokyo and the Japanese way of life

22 Jan, 2013


Tokyo is the highlight if you will go to Japan for vacation, so you need to know when the right time for you to visit this city. Vacation in Tokyo can be easily planned if you are aware about many things about this country. Japan is filled with exciting events all throughout the year like festivals and holidays.


In terms of climate, it is important that you opt for Tokyo guide to know the best month for you to visit Tokyo. There are two extreme seasons that you can experience not only in Tokyo, but in whole Japan. This is the first factor that every vacationer should consider. If you will visit the place for very short time, then make sure that circumstances works in favor of you. If you will plan ahead of time, then you will know the current weather condition in Japan and prepare for it. If you want to enjoy walking on the streets of Tokyo, then you should avoid winter months.


If you have lots of free time, then you can choose any date according to Tokyo guide. It is best to arrive during major Japanese festivals like cherry blossom and autumn festival. You will love Tokyo during this time as these festivals are unique in terms of costumes, aesthetics and music. Each celebration in Tokyo promises great entertainment in a very exceptional way.

Peak Season

There is a definite time of the year when Tokyo as the best Japanese destination gets very crowded. During this time, you will find hotels, museums and transportation system filled with many locals and tourists. There are Japanese holidays where families visit their relatives in their hometown, so it leaves the city less crowded. In case you want to celebrate Japanese holidays like Sakura or cherry blossom festival, then making an advance booking for your hotel accommodation is necessary.

Japanese culture

Word of honor is a way of life in Japan. They put high regard to this word and apply it to every aspect of their life not only in business, but how they live their life every day. Honor is the origin of Japanese culture. They value their culture, history and traditional rituals from past up to this present time. It’s the easiest way to have Japanese knowledges before you visit the country. Japanese could sound like a difficult language to learn but you can make it easy just taking some lessons.

They value art, dancing, poetry and gardening because it reflects their beliefs. Japanese are very keen to details, because it is where they can see beauty. Wearing kimono is very important for them as it is known as a ritual dress in Japan. There is a ritual in putting the dress on and its cloth also represents beauty. Japanese are minimalist and you can see it inside their homes. Traditional homes are made out of wood and you will find few accessories.

You will be amazed with their way of eating, because of their traditional cuisines that people from different parts of the world learns to love. For them, food is more than so they arrange their food to make it looks delicious and appetizing. Make sure that you visit Tokyo first if you want to learn many things about Japanese way of life and culture. This is true if you will stay in Japan for a few days. By exploring Tokyo, it seems that you already visit every part of Japan. You will be surprised to find out that this Japanese destination is your best choice.

22 Jan, 2013