Barcelona has a lot to offer!

31 Jan, 2013


Barcelona in Spain is a fabulous city that is well known because of Barcelona football team. This place is ideal for long term and short term vacation. There are numerous attractions that you will discover once you set foot in this amazing city.

You will love the fact that it has Mediterranean climate available anytime of the year. Aside from that, different universities can offer diverse courses in Barcelona that will attract students from different parts of the world.

Holidays in Barcelona

The El Prat is the nearest airport, because it is only 12 km away from the city center of Barcelona. You need to plan for your Barcelona vacation especially if you want to visit during different public holidays. There are diverse stunning infrastructures within this city that will meet the needs of every tourist. Different tourist centers have staffs that can speak diverse languages to help tourist from different parts of the world. Spending holidays in Barcelona will give you memorable experience.

Accommodation and Gastronomy

There is plethora of accommodations that you can choose according to your needs and budget. You will find one star to five star hotels that can offer you with diverse price range. You need to remember that the cost of accommodation may vary according to seasons and time of the year. Aside from hotels, there are apartments and villas that vacationers can lease per week. This city is a home for many best tasting restaurants that can offer fixed and affordable price for three course meals. There are cheap cafes and bars where you can unwind, but most of them are crowded with both locals and tourists.

A popular type of cuisine in Barcelona is seafood. If you love eating fish and other selfish, then you will surely appreciate spending your time in this city. If you want to eat delicious and affordable foods, you need to checkout La Boqueria. This is one of the most popular food markets that you can find in entire Europe. There are many other impressive markets all over the place like antique market in Placa del Pi.


There are tons of popular museums that can offer free entrance during Sundays. Admission fee during the entire week is very reasonable, so you can still afford to visit some of these museums from Monday until Saturday. You need to know that some of these museums are closed on Mondays. From June to July, there are festivals held in Barcelona like music concerts. During summer season, festivals are held in different parks all over the city.


It is very warm in Barcelona during summer and very cold during winter season. There is a modest rainfall that you might experience. Its Mediterranean climate attracts a lot of tourists to spend their vacation in this city in Spain. This place must be on top of your list if you want to visit Spain.

Barcelona is filled with diverse culture and nationalities. This is also the best place to go to for anyone who wants to become well-versed about the Spanish vocabulary. There are universities, schools and programs that can make you become fluent in Spanish. Locals are very friendly and can communicate in English, so it is easy to ask questions regarding direction. Make the most out of your vacation in Barcelona by choosing the best tour.

31 Jan, 2013