11 Nov, 2013 || Destinations

Spain for the Spanish Speaker

You've spent endless hours rolling your r's so they sound as sexy and smooth as all of the Spaniards you soon hope to meet. Hours in the kitchen have prepared you with a light mastery of Paella, Pescado Frito, and Gazpacho, each of which you've read in Spanish as you downed a glass of rich red Spanish wine. As you practice your grammar and brush up on your articulation of words, you dream of days you'll spend in Barcelona, basking in the beauty of the beautiful coastal city. The days pass by, and you're starving for more. You don't want to dream of Barcelona; you want to be there, because you know that the best way to perfect your Spanish is to be in Spain. Words that you've never heard before will be heard, and your broken phrases will be put together perfectly. Be swept away in the magical city and let the suggestions below be your guide to a great vacation. Accommodations Arriving in Barcelona means you'll need a place to stay. The best types of accommodations are those that are in the heart of the city, surrounded by the best of what Barcelona has to offer. Clearly, spending your funds on an expensive hotel that you're barley going to be staying in would be a waste of money. You'll want to choose an affordable accommodation, such as a hostel. For more guidance, great options can be found on HostelBookers. The site is simple to use, there are no associated fees, and they're perfect for finding the right place to suit your needs. See Some Gaudí

31 Jan, 2013 || Destinations

Barcelona has a lot to offer!

Barcelona in Spain is a fabulous city that is well known because of Barcelona football team. This place is ideal for long term and short term vacation. There are numerous attractions that you will discover once you set foot in this amazing city. You will love the fact that it has Mediterranean climate available anytime of the year. Aside from that, different universities can offer diverse courses in Barcelona that will attract students from different parts of the world.

29 Jan, 2013 || Destinations

Munich: German culture and modernity

The city of Munich can be found at the southern part of Germany and this place can offer a lot of great things to traveler from different parts of the world. This place is definitely a must see place if you happen to be in Europe. You will find mixture of both modernity as well as history once you set foot in this gorgeous piece of land. There are old buildings that sit besides modern skyscrapers, restaurants and cafes that contribute to the overall feeling of the Munich culture.

22 Jan, 2013 || Destinations

Discover Tokyo and the Japanese way of life

Tokyo is the highlight if you will go to Japan for vacation, so you need to know when the right time for you to visit this city. Vacation in Tokyo can be easily planned if you are aware about many things about this country. Japan is filled with exciting events all throughout the year like festivals and holidays.

18 Dec, 2012 || Destinations

One of the top destinations of English students: Malta

Malta is a great destination for people that love to relax and enjoy of nature, but it also offers many opportunities for people trying to learn English. When one is thinking in traveling to another country to learn a new language or to improve one’s language skills, it’s important to have a carefully selection on which place on earth visit; as English is a global language, you’ll see that English language schools, courses and programs are available around the globe, but in this article we suggest you to find a language school in Malta. If you wonder why Malta and why not in the United States, read carefully because we have pretty good reasons: Learning English in Malta If you’re from Europe and you won’t like the idea of crossing the ocean for an English course, Malta is a great destination; located in the centre of the Mediterranean and with sun almost every day of the year it’s the ideal place to learn a new language with no pressure but with limitless options for entertainment and fun, that’s why taking English courses in Malta is a good idea.

9 Dec, 2012 || Destinations

Study Russian in Moscow

Moscow is a complex destination because it mixes the classic sector of Russia and alternately the elegant, luxurious, technological sector of the country; if you wonder what you can do and see in Russia, we have a lot of suggestions so you can have an idea of what you’ll experience in your visit: Visit some of the best shopping malls: GUM and TSUM located near the Red Square, those are places in which you cannot buy as much as you would like (due to the prices), but it’s a great place to enjoy walking through the capacious and stunning hallways. The heart of Moscow, the Bulvar and the Pushkin Square, a peaceful place where you can see people feeding pigeons, reading papers, or at great restaurants to taste some of the regional cuisine. Experience the Moscow clubs during an unforgettable nightlife; you’ll notice that most clubs are exclusive for few people including travelers The Oxigen Lounge (O2 Lounge), it’s an important place in Russia where people go to feel important rich and sexy, as many other activities in Moscow, this visit might carry exorbitant prices, but it could worth it; because from this place you can get the most impressive views of Moscow. Take a walk in the Gorky park, along the Moscow River and enjoy of simple activities such as walking, eating an ice cream, having a picnic, it’s a place where you can get some of the best views of the city also.