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7 May, 2017 || Languages

Which language should I learn?

Learning a new language is a big step so making the right choice in selecting the appropriate language for you is a crucial part of the learning process. Even though learning any language is beneficial for anyone's life, prioritizing which language you want to learn is a very important fact to take into consideration. Which language should you choose? LINGUAGO has highlighted 5 important points to help you make your choice:

17 Dec, 2015 || Language tools

How Social Media Can Be The Key to Your Learning and Growth in Spanish

Social media is straight up addicting. In fact, you may already spend most of your day checking your friends' Facebook feeds, catching the news on Twitter, and following your favorite Instagram accounts.

11 Nov, 2013 || Destinations

Spain for the Spanish Speaker

You've spent endless hours rolling your r's so they sound as sexy and smooth as all of the Spaniards you soon hope to meet. Hours in the kitchen have prepared you with a light mastery of Paella, Pescado Frito, and Gazpacho, each of which you've read in Spanish as you downed a glass of rich red Spanish wine. As you practice your grammar and brush up on your articulation of words, you dream of days you'll spend in Barcelona, basking in the beauty of the beautiful coastal city. The days pass by, and you're starving for more. You don't want to dream of Barcelona; you want to be there, because you know that the best way to perfect your Spanish is to be in Spain. Words that you've never heard before will be heard, and your broken phrases will be put together perfectly. Be swept away in the magical city and let the suggestions below be your guide to a great vacation. Accommodations Arriving in Barcelona means you'll need a place to stay. The best types of accommodations are those that are in the heart of the city, surrounded by the best of what Barcelona has to offer. Clearly, spending your funds on an expensive hotel that you're barley going to be staying in would be a waste of money. You'll want to choose an affordable accommodation, such as a hostel. For more guidance, great options can be found on HostelBookers. The site is simple to use, there are no associated fees, and they're perfect for finding the right place to suit your needs. See Some Gaudí

11 Jun, 2013 || Languages

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20 Feb, 2013 || Languages

Study German abroad

As the world goes global so is the standardization in the way most activities are carried out all around the world. These standards are observed in all fields such learning institutions, ways of conducting businesses, methods of production among others. It is important therefore to join a learning institution that observes these international standards.

14 Feb, 2013 || Languages

You will have more professional opportunities if you are fluent in Chinese!

As the business world changes so is the focus towards the leading countries in industrialization as well as production. This in return opens up job opportunities which demand for specific requirements for one to succeed. Learning the Chinese language for example is emerging to be one of the sought after languages across the world.