Arabic Numbers

Other important thing to learn into a new language is know the structure of Arabic Numbers, remember that the more you master it the more you get closer to mastering the Arabic language. Do not forget cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers have a very important role in Arabic; therefore they need very special attention.


In Arabic language, there two types of numbers such as: cardinal numbers and ordinal numbers.


numbers أَرْقَام - aarqaam
one وَاحِد - waahed
two اثْنَان - athnaan
three ثَلَاثَة - thalaathah
four أَرْبَعَة - aarba'ah
five خَمْسَة - khamsah
six سِتَّة - setah
seven سَبْعَة - sab'ah
eight ثَمَانِيَة - thamaaneeeah
nine تِسْعَة - tes'ah
ten عَشْرَة - 'ashrah
eleven أَحَد عَشَر - aahad 'ashar
twelve اثْنَا عَشَر - athnaa 'ashar
thirteen ثَلَاثَة عَشَر - thalaathah 'ashar
fourteen أَرْبَعَة عَشْرَة - aarba'ah 'ashrah
fifteen خَمْسَة عَشَر - khamsah 'ashar
sixteen سَت عَشْرَة - sat 'ashrah
seventeen سَبْعَة عَشَر - sab'ah 'ashar
eighteen ثَمَانِيَة عَشَر - thamaaneeeah 'ashar
nineteen تِسْعَة عَشَر - tes'ah 'ashar
twenty عِشْرُوْن - 'eshrown
hundred مِائَة - mea'ah
one thousand أَلْف - aalf
million مْلْيُوْن - mleeown




first أَوَّلaawal
second ثَان - thaan
third ثَالِث - thaaleth
fourth رَابِع - raabe'
fifth خَامِس - khaames
sixth سَادِس - saades
seventh سَابِع - saabe'
eighth ثَامِن - thaamen
ninth تَاسِع - taase'
tenth عَاشَر - 'aashar
eleventh حَادِى عَشَر - haadea 'ashar
twelfth ثَانِي عَشَر - thaaneee 'ashar
thirteenth ثَالِث عَشَر - thaaleth 'ashar
fourteenth رَابِع عَشَر - raabe' 'ashar
fifteenth خَامِس عَشَر - khaames 'ashar
sixteenth سَادِس عَشَر - saades 'ashar
seventeenth سَابِع عَشَر - saabe' 'ashar
eighteenth ثَامِن عَشَر - thaamen 'ashar
nineteenth تَاسِع عَشَر - taase' 'ashar
twentieth الْعِشْرِيْن - al'eshreeen
once مَرَّة - marah
twice مَرَّتَيْن - marataeen



  1. Arabic cardinal number convey the "how many" they're also known as "counting numbers," because they show quantity. Here are some examples
    • I have two brothers. = لديشقيقين.
    • They bought five pizzas. = اشتروا4البرتقال.
    • My mother knows three languages. = والدتييعرفثلاث لغات

  2. Arabic ordinal numbers are used to tell only the order of things or they only show rank or position in a set; for example first, second, third, etc.
    • My sister was the first in her class. = وكانتأختيالأولىفيصفها.
    • He arrived in the sixth travel. = وصلفيالسفرالسادس.
    • Carlos wants the second apple. = كارلوسيريدالتفاحةالثانية.

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