Family in Arabic

One of the most important and interesting vocabularies to learn in any language is definitely the family. Such in all language, the only way to learn a new vocabulary is the practicing and memorizing all the words as possible. So, if you want to learn a little more about family in Arabic, the below table will show you an essential list with a basic vocabulary of integrants of a family.


English Romanized Version Arabic
Brother اخ   akh
Sister أُخت okht
Mother أُم om
Father اب ab
Grandmother جدة jadda
Grandfather جد jad
Son ابن ibn
Daughter ابنة bint
Husband زوج zawj
Wife زوجة zawja



  • I have two brothers and two sisters.
  • ولدي أخوين وأختين.

  • She would like to have a son.
  • وقالتانهاترغبفيالحصولعلىابنه.

  • The family is the most important thing in the life.
  • الأسرةهيأهمشيءفيالحياة.

  • She does not like her uncle.
  • انها لا تحب عمها.

  • The name of my favorite aunt is Sheyla.
  • اسم خالتي المفضل هو Sheyla

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