Body in Arabic

In this section, you will find a table with a basic vocabulary about body in Arabic, it is important that you try to memorize as many as you can, because these words are very important during the learning of a new language, in this case Arabic language.

The best way to learn and know the Arabic language is memorize each vocabulary; these Arabic names of the human body parts will be frequently used in your daily conversations and we suggest that you practice them a lot as they will come very handy when time is right.


English Romanized Version Arabic
abdomen batn بطن
ankle kaahel كاحل
arm deraa' ذراع
back thahr (th as in that) ظهر
calf saaq ساق
cheek khad خد
cheeks khodood خدود
chest sadr صدر
chin thaqn (th as in that) ذقن
ear Othon (th as in those) أذن
elbow merfaq مرفق
eye 'ayn عين
face wajh وجه
finger esba' إصبع
fingers asaabe' إصابع
fingernail thufr (th as in that) ظفر
foot qadam قدم
hair sha'r شعر
hand yad يد
head ra's رأس
Heart qalb قلب
hip werk ورك
knee rukbah ركبة
leg saaq ساق
lip shafah شفة
mouth fam فم
neck 'onuq عنق
nipple halamah حلمة
nose anf أنف
shin qasabat assaaq قصبة الساق
shoulder katef كتف
stomach ma'edah معدة
thigh fakhed فخذ
throat halq حلق
thumb ebhaam إبهام
toe esba' al qadam إصبع الاقدام
tongue lesaan لسان
tooth sen سن
teeth asnaan أسنان
waist khesr خصر
wrist me'sam معصم



  • He has a problem in the hand.
  • لديه مشكلة في اليد.

  • Frank has broken his leg.
  • قد كسرت ساقه صريح.

  • They have blues eyes.
  • لهم أعين البلوز.

  • Jhon gave a kiss with his mouth to her.
  • وقدمجونقبلةمعفمهلها.

  • Sandra has white teeth.
  • ساندرا لديها أسنان بيضاء.

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