Arabic verbs

Definition: Arabic verbs are usually words that show action. It shows what someone or something does. It means that Arabic verbs express an act, an occurrence, or a state of being. They are not different from English verbs.

Arabic language is relatively direct when it comes to tense, on the other hand, other languages have many tenses and  are very specific about the time of an action and whether or not the action has been completed. Arabic grammar is vague about time and there are only two basic tenses:



  1. Past Tense: It is known as Perfect. This tense helps us express an action that happened at any point in the past.
    • I traveled to Egypt last summer.
    • سافرت إلى مصر في الصيف الماضي.

    • Peter’s mother had a headache yesterday.
    • وكانت والدة بيتر الصداع أمس.

    • You have bought a car.
    • لقد اشتريت سيارة.

    • She went shopping in the morning.
    • ذهبت للتسوق في الصباح.

  2. Present Tense: It is used for an action which is still going on, it means that this action still continuous. This tense also help us express an action in the future.
    • I want to eat pizza.
    • ريد أن آكل البيتزا.

    • Peter will have a new computer.
    • وبيتر لديك جهاز كمبيوتر جديد.

    • She is a wonderful dancer.
    • فهي راقصة رائعة.

    • You run very fast.
    • تشغيل سريع جدا.

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