Arabic sentence

Definition: An Arabic sentence is an organized series of words which enables us to make a statement, ask a question, express a thought, offer an opinion, and so forth. Arabic sentences have a subject and predicate. More importantly, however, a sentence is an expression of an idea.

Arabic grammar has two main types of sentences and their nature depend of the first word in the sentence. Arabic sentence whose first word is noun are known as Nominal Sentences, and the sentences whose initial word is a verb are called Verbal Sentences.

  1. Nominal Sentences: It is one with the subject preceding the predicate. A nominal sentence is descriptive of a person or thing.

  2. Examples:

    • Peter comes.
    • بيتر يأتي.

    • You are a doctor.
    • كنت طبيبا.

    • His mother was in Egypt.
    • وكانت والدته في مصر.

    • He is a great friend.
    • هو صديق عظيم.

  3. Verbal Sentences: It is any sentence in which the verb precedes the subject. A verbal sentence relates an act or event, while as a rule.

  4. Examples:

    • My friend studies every day.
    • صديقي يدرس كل يوم.

    • You go to university at nine o’clock in the morning.
    • كنت اذهب الى الجامعة في الساعة التاسعة من صباح اليوم.

    • I was not working the last Saturday.
    • وكنت لا تعمل في يوم السبت الماضي.

    • During her childhood days, she used to play the piano.
    • خلال أيام طفولتها، وقالت انها تستخدم العزف على البيانو.

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