Arabic prepositions

Definition: Arabic prepositions are words with a meaning often related to time or space that links nouns to nouns, nouns to verbs, or pronouns to verbs. It is also a word that one always uses with a noun or a pronoun to create prepositional phrases.

Arabic language use prepositions to refer a location or direction, and the meaning of prepositions can apply to concepts of space or time. They may also be used in abstract or figurative ways.
The following table will show you the most common Arabic prepositions:


English Arabic
from من
to, until إلى
from, off, about, instead of أن
on, about, for على
in, at, on فو
up to, until حتى
since, for منذ
by, in , on, for بي
for, of, to لي
like, such as مثل
with, at, with مع
by, with و


  • This jacket comes from Arabia.
  • هذا سترة يأتي من السعودية.

  • Peter was at home until you arrive.
  • وكان بيتر في المنزل حتى وصولك.

  • His father likes sports such as baseball, football or basketball.
  • والده يحب الرياضة مثل كرة القدم والبيسبول أو كرة السلة.

  • You bring this video with this box.
  • وجهتم هذا الفيديو مع هذا المربع.

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