Arabic nouns

Definition:  Arabic nouns are the name of any person, place, or thing that can be known or mentioned. They are marked for gender, number, determinedness (expressed either by the article or by the suffix pronouns), and for the direct object.

Arabic nouns fall into a numbers of different categories depending on their morphology and their relationship to Arabic lexical roots.  Most nouns are derived from trilateral or quadrilateral roots, and all derived from a particular root are found in an Arabic dictionary clustered under that root entry.


Masculine Femenine
English Arabic English Arabic




actor الفاعل actress ممثلة
Prince أمير Princess أميرة
King ملك Queen ملكة
boy صبي girl فتاة
brother شقيق sister شقيقة
gentleman رجل نبيل lady سيدة
uncle عم aunt عمة
hero بطل heroine بطلة
lord اللورد lady سيدة


  • Arabic nouns have two genders: masculine and feminine. Arabic speakers don’t use neutral nouns.
  • Gender markings in nouns are either natural (biological) or grammatical. Natural gender refers to the natural assignment of gender.
  • A number of nouns are sometimes masculine and sometimes feminine.

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