Arabic articles

Definition: Arabic articles are words placed before nouns, to denote the full extent of its signification. Arabic language doesn’t use articles as English does. There are no definite or indefinite articles. If one uses articles, one must put them immediately before of a noun.
Arabic language has only the article “the” (و>- al). English speakers are already familiar with this Arabic article.


  • the bank
  • البنك>

  • the desert
  • الصحراء>

  • the book
  • الكتاب>

  • the table
  • الجدول>


  • There is no indefinite article in Arabic, so if one wants to say a book (الكتاب>), it is the same that say the book (الكتاب>).

  • The definite article for all genders and numbers is (و>- al) and it is written as a part of the word.

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