Arabic adverbs

Definition: Arabic adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs and express “how” or “in what manner” the subject performs the action. Arabic adverbs are mostly derived from nominals. The majority of the derived adverbs are, in fact, indefinite accusative nouns or adjectives.
Arabic language classifies adverbs by meaning as follows:

  1. Adverbs of time: They answer the question when? They are derived from verbal roots or pronominal bases.


    • Peter will travel tomorrow.
    • وسوف يسافر غدا بيتر.

    • Your mother wants to see you at night.
    • أمك يريد أن يراك في الليل.

    • My father will arrive now.
    • وسوف يصل والدي الآن.

    • You like shopping today.
    • هل تريد التسوق اليوم.

  2. Adverbs of place: They answer the question where?


    • I will be at home this night.
    • سوف أكون في المنزل هذه الليلة.

    • Peter is not at university.
    • بيتر ليس في الجامعة.

    • Your sister will travel to Cairo.
    • وأختك السفر إلى القاهرة.

    • My cellphone is on the table.
    • هاتفي المحمول على الطاولة.

Note: There are also adverbs of manner, reason, degree, restriction, etc. but the adverbs of time and place are the most common. 

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