Arabic adjectives

Definition:  An adjective is a special word that we use to qualify or limits a noun or pronoun. Arabic adjectives, as English one, precede the noun, and never vary, being the same whether it qualifies a singular o plural substantive, a masculine or feminine noun or pronoun.


  • the rich woman
  • امرأة غنية
  • rich women
  • غني النساء

  • the rich man
  • الرجل الغني
  • rich men
  • غني الرجال

  • the big house
  • البيت الكبير
  • big houses
  • كبير المنازل

Note: Arabic adjectives don’t only qualify nouns and pronouns; they can also qualify verbs and other adjectives. It means they can function as adverbs.


  • to act badly
  • على التصرف بشكل سيئ

  • many books
  • العديد من الكتب

  • very bad
  • سيئة للغاية

  • beautiful writing
  • جميل الكتابة

  • to write beautifully
  • الكتابة الجميلة

Arabic language has types of adjectives according their functions:




  1. Attributive Adjectives: They are part of noun phrases and must follow the noun directly. These adjectives must agree in gender, number, definiteness, and case with nouns or pronouns they modify.
    • the dark cat
    • القط الظلام

    • Arabic people
    • العربية الناس

    • an easy win
    • فوزا سهلا

    • an Arabic musician
    • الموسيقي العربية

  2. Predicative Adjectives: They are used in a verbal sentence to provide information about the subject of the sentence, thus completing the clause.
    • The harvest is abundant.
    • موسم الحصاد وفيرة.

    • The list is long.
    • والقائمة طويلة.

    • He is intelligent.
    • انه ذكي.

    • I am lucky.
    • أنا محظوظ.

    • Peter is far from that.
    • بيتر هو أبعد من ذلك.

  3. Adjectives as substantives: They may serve as substantives or noun substitutes, just as they often do in English.
    • Where the old mixes with the new.
    • حيث يمزج القديم والجديد.

    • The big and the little descended into the streets.
    • نزل كبيرة وقليلا إلى الشوارع.

    • According to many.
    • وفقا للكثيرين.

    • Few of the researchers.
    • عدد قليل من الباحثين.

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